Email Phrases

Good Email Openings

It's always polite to start your email with a simple email opening sentence. The goal of our email opening examples is to avoid being impolite to the receiver. If you communicate to any English-speaking business, it's wise to include an email greeting. By being too direct it can affect the receivers first impressions.


Email Openers

This list is the most used email openings which you safely can use to open any conversation.


Letter Openers

A tip is to be inspired by your senders email opener and then respond similarly. You can use the same tone to reply for a better understanding. When ending your email remember to add a short email closing sentence and a final sign-off to finish respectfully. It's all about good email manners.

Good email openers

Opening Sentences

Proven email openings are super useful for all scenarios. But you should have a balance between informal and formal opening sentences. It all depends on your receiver and content. Keep your emails between friends informal and use a formal email sentence for all business emails.